Our Facility

Established in 2011 Crash Clinic Computers is a fast-paced, and quickly growing computer repair and data recovery center located in Norwich, CT.  Our company specializes in data recovery. Our highly skilled technicians are CompTIA A+ certified and have the experience to serve you well.  Our facility is secured and monitored 24 hours with CCTV.  All logical recoveries are performed right here at our location.  Many physical recoveries are performed here as well: Failed drive enclosures, failed circuit boards, failed memory cards.  Only in extreme cases where the heads, platters, or motor of the drive have to be replaced we use a partner facility to perform a clean-room recovery. Clean room recovery can be expensive and take a long time, so we perform all possible recoveries right here to save you money and time.  For extreme cases where clean-room recovery is required we have partnered with the BEST clean-room available to ensure a great data recovery experience.

Logical Recoveries:
Logical recovery is the most common type of recovery needed.
A logical recovery is when work is performed on a copy of the raw data from the damaged unit. The intention is to repair damages to the file system or files, and to make the files available to the customer.
This type of recovery is needed for: unintentionally deleted files, file systems that have lost their structure, drives that have been formatted over with a new files system, drives that have been wiped, or most commonly when there are many damaged sectors and the drive can't be read because the operating system will not boot up.

Physical recoveries:
Physical recovery is required only in extreme cases where the drive itself is damaged physically.  This can happen when a drive is dropped hard, or when a motor or head fails.  Drives that require physical recover may be completely dead, and won't work at all.

We are an authorized partner of 'The Data Rescue Center' www.thedatarescuecenter.com
We use 'The Data Rescue Center' whenever a physical recovery is required that requires replacement of the heads, platters, or motor of the drive.  All other recoveries are performed here at our location.

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