Our pricing structure varies depending upon the type of data recovery required.  There are several different types of data recovery.

Logical recovery is the most common type of recovery needed.
A logical recovery is when work is performed on a copy of the raw data from the damaged unit. The intention is to repair damages to the file system or files, and to make the files available to the customer.
This type of recovery is needed for: unintentionally deleted files, file systems that have lost their structure, drives that have been formatted over with a new files system, drives that have been wiped, or most commonly when there are many damaged sectors and the drive can't be read because the operating system will not boot up.

Logical Data Recoveries:   Starting as low as $99.00
accidently deleted files, bypassing file permissions, recover partition table or file index, re-create drive images from drives with bad sectors, drives that have been wiped.  

Physical Recoveries:                     $250 minimum
Failed drive enclosures, or drives with failed circuit boards or firmware.

In extreme cases clean-room recovery may be required.

Clean-room required recoveries:    $500 minimum
replacement of the heads, platters, or motor of the drive.

Server or RAID recoveries:            $750 minimum